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UPDATED EVIDENCE 68 PAGE PDF | Are You Watching #Llangammarch Wells? - #Wales - Cwm Deri Fire #Investigation Data Backed Up - Make A Copy To Protect The Info


Wednesday, 8 November 2017

UPDATED EVIDENCE 68 PAGE PDF | Are You Watching #Llangammarch Wells? - #Wales - Cwm Deri Fire #Investigation Data Backed Up - Make A Copy To Protect The Info



Fire in #Llangammarch Wells was another 5G technology test drill and here is the proof nobody died - #WeAreTheNews

In this article I will expose the fire at Cwm Deri farmhouse in the village of  Llangammarch Wells, Powys, as a huge fraud with many levels of deception and involvement which must be reported to the public at all cost.  I will show you how the house in question was not only empty but actually an abandoned building site which may be linked to Seema Khan, 44, wife and mother who moved away from the house after leaving alleged dead father of the children, David Cuthbertson, 68. It Is stated in mainstream news articles she left the family home after she had a stroke in 2014. The levels of deception are seen when looking into Seema Kahn who has a history of stripping the guts and wrecking the "historic fabric" of grade two listed buildings to quote a judge at Westminster Crown courts after finding her guilty for her role in stripping a 1830's Georgian property of its roof, walls, floors, and chimney breasts despite warnings from the courts to stop all illegal work on the protected building in 2013. She was held trail and find £93.000 in total with two other people, her then, or still, real husband and a building engineer they used to wreck the protected £1.3 million building in London. A very similar picture to what we see in the house in Wales when simply observing it. I will highlight the fraudulent JustGiving donations and why they should be stopped instantly. I will explain government connections to the fire and how it links to Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service who are also complicit in this incident with a new 5G technology tests centred around automated responses which is the key motive in this drill and staged hoax. The article will show you the rental and purchase information on the property detailing even more concerns about the legitimacy of the claims made by mainstream news and people claiming to be either victims or friends of the alleged victims. I can prove this is an emotional control tactic which our government and mainstream news agencies use to sway public perception in order to gain new laws and regulations which are then used against us and our freedom, this is treason, fraud and highly inhumane and I will do all I can to teach people the truth about our surroundings and manufactured environment which enslaves us all more and more with each so called tragedy. When truth be told the world is a stage and these people are acting out the foundations to a totalitarian police state. 

Over the past 24 hours I have uncovered multiple levels of the biggest fraud I have ever exposed in all my time as an independent investigative researcher and journalist. 

It all began in the early hours of Monday, October 30th, 2017, I became aware of a news article on my MSN news feed from the Mirror with the headline:  Single dad and four children 'killed in horrific fire that ripped through remote farmhouse as they slept'

I opened the article, upon reading it I found various contradictions within the same post which raised alarm bells as more than just a piece of shoddy journalism. 

A fire is said to of killed a dad and four of his children after starting just after midnight in the family home, a remote Welsh farmhouse known as Cwm Deri, which is located on Poityn Farm, Llangammarch Wells, Powys.

The article had quotes from various people who are alleged to be from the local area and it was when comparing their quotes along with information published by the Mirror that this all became very strange and quite concerning.

Here is a screenshot of some of the quotes and sentences I took from the news story which had dominated mainstream papers throughout the day.

The inconsistencies in the report lead me to call the Mirror news desk and ask if I could have a good explanation as to why they stated the family had moved to the village 15 years ago, recently, and several years ago all within one page, three huge reasons to question the time differences as 15 years ago or recently with another time somewhere in-between muted by the reporter Sarah Yates is quite outrageous.

The call I made is documented in a live stream on YouTube, the Mirror employee told me it was an ongoing story and will be updated throughout the day, I found the fact that these times had been published was unbelievable and instantly found the article hard to perceive as honest, truthful and well researched.  

I pressed further, putting pressure on him with his bad attitude showing he then snapped at me asking "what is my problem with this article?

I informed him that it was totally unacceptable as the fact they said the father, named as David Cuthbertson, had seven children in the article as well as father of eight, this was far too much for me and I asked him the obvious question of "well how many was it then please because it would be nice if the story lined up", he replied: "Well actually he has around twenty children".

This blew my mind as David was alleged to be 68 years old, was this down to adoptions was my thinking or had he really been having sex impregnating women at the age of at least 64 as we now have claims of a four year old child dying in the fire which seems to of been staged by the media and local emergency services. 

Firefighters are said to of spent eight hours looking though ash and debris in search of the alleged deceased, this begs the question when we analyse the photographs of why did it take so long?
Mountain rescue workers are quoted by the Mirror of taking up the task of searching the nearby hills in case some of the family members had fled into them in despair, this would be described as strange behaviour as why would you run away from your burning house with just the clothes on your back in a cold Octobers night I am almost certain these people will not of had time to grab their coats and wrap up warm.

This whole story is full of holes in the media which leads me into the motive behind the fire.


the information I am going to provide now is high level research which shows the governments involvement in the fire at Cwm Deri farmhouse in the village of  Llangammarch Wells.
I will detail how it is linked to a new 5g technology grid being rolled out which will link multiple emergency services, government authorities, news and social media as well as corporations in real time responses and data collection at events such as the fire.
The incident at Cwm Deri was a drill carried out to test such responses in remote and rural areas such as the farm house in Llangammarch Wells.
It is through finding this blue light innovation conference scheduled to take place on December, 6, 2017,that I can now link this drill to the technology based staged events that we have seen over the years which have been repackaged and pushed onto the public as terror attacks and tragic events such as the latest fire, when you think about it a moment these people are pushing us into a police state based on lies and anti-privacy propaganda.
For the companies and political sectors to all test this technology they need to have an event, we have seen many incidents in cities around the world which can all be easily linked to think tanks and spin off companies set up and funded by international surveillance bodies such as the C.I.A and MI5.
The screenshot above is not so clear due to the white writing placed over light colours in the centre of the image so I have copy pasted the writing which reads as follows: 

Why Attend the Event?

The Blue Light Innovation Conference is a unique opportunity to network with 300+ senior professionals across the police, fire and rescue, and ambulance services to address some of the major integration and collaboration challenges, as well as explore the opportunities that arise from forming partnerships and aligning resources. This year, we will explore how clear communication channels are established and how to make best use of emerging technologies to successfully facilitate multi-agency environments.
I will now show you how this event in Wales is part of the testing and data analysis which will be summarised at the Blue Light conference in December.
This next screen shots show sections of the conference time table which will be attended by a host of companies who I will also be documenting as I highlight the fraud and deception at play here.
This shows how they have now demonstrated the need to test the efficiency of such technology in remote places which have less wireless coverage than a city, the places in question operate as part of a network grid which is being placed around the world and pushed through via these staged events which are nothing but hoaxes where nobody dies as reported in the media during badly acted out events that I have spent much of my time exposing, as a freelance and independent investigative journalist.
This is why I can show you how the scene was now set in Llangammarch Wells.

In the testimonials section we see  a comment from the Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service Group Manager - Head of Response is representing the force at previous and upcoming conferences, another key motive to this whole fire, and the fall-out we are seeing.

Here is what a local resident has posted in regards to receiving fiber-optic internet in the areas around the village before Christmas this year, another big link.
A lot of people who have been attacking me as I carry out this research are from this area live in this town and have been noted as planning how to spend incoming money in many ways.
Here is the post from Hayley Simcock, who has been by far my biggest abuser and has seem to of had the most to lose by me making my claims public and she is in the process of being reported to the Merseyside Police.

I wonder why this town is so eager to get Fiber-Optic broadband apart from living in the stone ages?
I do not think the higher up people will be happy with Hayley as she really has been a very weak link in this investigation and she has pushed me to prove this whole town wrong on every level, and me to be right.
After gang stalking me with multiple people from the area also to be named for attacking my freedom of speech and expression regarding this reporting causing me to suffer at the hands of intentional infliction of emotional distress.
The screen shot below shows you how these people are all actively involved in the scandal and are conning not only locals but the nation with this hoax based fraud.
To which my reply was an emphatic NO, I will get back to the abuse later.
Keeping with the Wireless Wales 5G theme take a look at this article just two weeks before the fire.
Now look at this from June 2017, are these fires linked to 5G?
We will get back to this one later in the Wales On Fire section of the article where we have a lot more fires to cover, before we move on here is an explanation for all the car related terror attack drills we have seen played out on the news time and time again, the answer is smart cars, they want to roll out self driving cars so they have needed events based around cars, remember London Bridge, Nice, or New York on Halloween. 
Quick its time to put up the roadside barriers but they look stupid so we need smart cars to protect us from the terrorists, but who is the real terrorists here?
Is it merely coincidental that we now have Wales joining the 5g Airwaves and all of a sudden we see events like this.
That was pretty simple to explain and once you can read between the lines you will know I am right, now lets look at the house itself.

Cwm Deri (name of house given yesterday) was sold 1.5.15 for £232,500 and then sold again 26.7.16 for £275,000 an increase of £42,500 in 12 months. I am informed by somebody who lives half hour away from the scene that houses don't increase to that extent in the area in that period of time.

Such an Increase in value would be useful for insurance purposes.

From the Mail online 'The family had rented the £250,000 farmhouse and small plot of land for a number of years'.

Poityn Farm said to be owned by E L Davies

A possible reason the Mountain Rescue were called was to test the rescuers allusion with emergency services in what may of been a missing kids/persons drill on the land that backs on to Poityn Farm which is part of a MOD training area. It is a vast area of open moorland and forest.

Others have also been helping me by doing some more research on the owners of Cwm Deri. Her name is Lucia Callan not Lucretia that the papers reported. She lives in England somewhere with quite a house full of people - her husband Matthew Callan, Abbey Callan, Matthew Marmoy, Daniel Cahill, Ciara Callan and Rachael Callan. Trying to find out which county but it is taking a bit of time.
Just before the Callan's bought Cwm Deri two parcels of land were removed from the original title deeds leaving just the house with some garden which makes the increase in price even more surprising. A lot of people in Wales like to sell to folk from the South East who often pay over the odds for property giving a valid reason for the drastic price increase.
Several images and a video on Mail online shows the electric wires covered with orange sheathing which is put up when work is going to be done near the wires, ie, ripping the roof off.

As you can see here the covering is worn but not melted from a blazing inferno which is said to of swept through the premises killing any number of people between a reported five and seven.

You will also notice the plumbing and gutter systems around the house seem to be worn but also not in use for a while adding to my honest and legal opinion that this house was in fact empty and had long been abandoned.

Having contacted a site manager in regards to health and safety procedures surrounding installing a new roof which is situated close to cables I asked the question what steps would be taken to protect workers from electrocution and was told that in a city all power cables are run below the ground but in rural places and open country sides the power cables will run from pylons and connect to masts close to the building and would then enter the property via the mast. 

Telecommunications cables only run at ten amps and would pose no danger to workers and would therefore not need any sort of protection.

I was also informed that when building a property you would build it so that the roof was four meters away from the wires to protect roofers from being electrocuted but arching electricity could still pose a problem when using working at height platforms which may be wet meaning the staff may be in danger of being turned into: (quoting my source) "A fireball".

Other images of the property show us a porta-loo cabin which is located on the immediate grounds of the house which suggests it was a building site and no plumbing was available at Cwm Deri, adding further to my suggestions that the guttering and pipework was out of use and the house was abandoned.

This poses the question if there was no water supply at the house, then how did the fire services actually put the fire out?

It is unlucky for me that I cannot see a phone number on the mobile toilet to call the company.

A quick side note about the car we see in the images from the site is when I ran some checks on the vehicle it returned results of having no Tax or M.O.T in a long time.
This may not seem important, it may not even be important at all, but it does give us another date to look at and compare with other events when analysing the families activities over the past few years.
taking Closer inspections of the property shows you a severe lack of household appliances, furniture such as bed frames for the amount of people said to be living in the farm house fails to provide us with any sign of the house being inhibited by any tenants what so ever let alone any deaths taking place inside it.
Reports tell us David was involved in a custody battle with his ex wife Seema Khan over the children in question, if this was the case then there will be a documented assessment of the properties living conditions on file showing the house will of passed a suitable standard to of been allocated full custody of the children.
When we look at the lack of contents in this house, there is not even a bath, a sink or a cooker, this picture alone begs the question how did a custody battle be awarded in favour of a person with no household items.
I am not questioning the custody battle here as that will be documented in court documents, I am questioning the image I am looking at with my own eyes and drawing to my own conclusions based on observations and saying what I see.
Where did he bath all these children, how did he cook and clean for them?

When I analysed the images of the alleged fires aftermath and compared them to other house fires including the worst fire in recent history which took place at the Grenfell Tower in London on June, 14, 2017, they show us that fire does not obliterate items such as washing machines, refrigerators, driers, television sets or even bike frames which a house hold full of children will of had especially with them living in the country side, it is simple observations like this which lead us to the conclusion the house was empty.

Where is the kitchen sink? The bathroom sinks and bath, ceramic and stainless steel does not vaporise in house fires, again it is my observational opinion that there was nothing in this house.
Firefighters are reported to of been on the scene within eleven minutes of being called to attend the fire, how on earth did they not save anything with the water where is the whole insides of the house?.
Other reports now claim it is in-fact a three floor house, when observing the images you can see the joist levels of each floor, leading to further suspicions about the contents of the house and the official story being circulated.

Here is an image from the inside of Grenfell Tower after the fire in June.
The observations do not stop here and I will prove to you that this is all a big scam with a bigger hidden agenda at play in the background but first let me show you some more huge gaps in the story regarding the house fire at Cwm Deri.

When we look closely at the surrounding areas of the house we notice a lack of water from the firefighters, we also notice a lot of tree's and dry bushes within feet of the property, considering this was a blaze that burnt so much it wiped out a whole roof, the second floor of the house and left no signs of any life what so ever it is hard to believe that none of the nearby tress or foliage were disturbed during this event.


 If you watch the drone footage in the first video from this report you can see David Cuthbertson's yellow landrover that at least one of the neighbours talked about at the 30 second mark. It isn't anywhere near the house though, it is parked over by the other farm buildings next to a trailer. Also the farm buildings look unused - not sure but the tidiest farm yard I have ever seen. I'm presuming the fire oficers didn't move the Landrover.

I am not a betting man but I bet none of this makes sense but I will be honest and open in my reporting. 

Seema Khan, alleged mother of the children who allegedly died in the fire has a history of stripping listed buildings of all its guts and has been found guilty of it in court before so it seems hmmmmmm......

An article posted in the Evening Standard in August, 2016, shows us how the mother of the alleged dead children was found guilty and ordered to pay a fine of £93.000 along with her husband and contractual engineer.

The judge explained how they had stripped a grade two listed building of it's roof, floors, walls, chimney breast and left the protected building without its "historic fabric after being warned both verbally and in writing by the council of Westminster to stop all work, Seema Khan tried to say she did not realise it was listed, a claim the judge emphatically played down.

Here is the court documents regarding the trial:

The alleged mother(s) of the children now seem to make the story even more far fetched and manipulated with media outlets printing various versions of the mothers relationships to the father Dave.

The Mirror article published this in the article I have been discussing:

To add to the confusion further, an article in the Metro names the mother of some of the children as
Seema Khan, 44, originally from Ilford, East London, it states she moved away from the family before having as stroke whilst they were separated, where as the daily mirror post claims she moved out after having the said stroke.

David is 22 years her senior and to think he has had children with her after she split when he was around 64 years old and he has a child who is in fact said to be four years old who died in the fire meaning he either impregnated someone in his mid 60's but he must of moved fast and got over losing his partner and got with someone else and had a baby with them too, which for what is classed as a pensioner is again hard to believe.

So that was Seema, but, other articles also name another mother to the other children as Judith, when we look through named Daughter PIA PRICE,S Facebook friends and photographs it is easy to find her husband David Price.

On David's cover photograph on his Facebook profile we clearly see the wedding of the couple in Greece, we see the only Judith is a woman called Judith Nan-Dodds in Pia's friends list, Judith seems to live in Greece.
Notice we do not seem to see David Cuthbertson on the family wedding photograph do we? I wonder if this is why...

Why did I say she seems to live in Greece?

Given the current state of affairs it would not be out of the realms of imagination to suggest this area below is where the mother is but maybe also where David or even the children are right now seeing as they have so many links to Greece I did some digging around and this area has caught my attention.

Once again we have an apparent lack of emotion from the family members and as expected the mother is showing no sorrow on her social media accounts when given the events which have unfolded you would think she would be using it to contact family members here in the UK.
it is not just her let me show you a playlist slideshow of images I have gathered from family members who do not seem to be in mourning, some of them have even commented on my Facebook posts and leading me to more clues in doing so.

These people have all collectively made this far too easy for me. 


This is where the JustGiving donations page comes into disrepute, donators have currently raised £17,482 in less than 48 hours, given the information in this article proving there is an agenda here and it is just a hoax and nobody actually died or lived in the house I now ask you to see how this is indeed deceptive and fraudulent.

T^his page was set up within hours if not minutes of the reported fire by Sian Davies.

If people are donating on this website they have been conned out of the money they have earned and sent in to help the alleged remaining family members.

Below is a video which I have just uploaded to the article, it shows a live stream I have completed which contains a look at the donators and how they are on a loop with various donators posting the same amounts and comments time and time again with one person donating around about £700 who has now been removed but I still have more than enough of these characters on a loop with what seems to be either computer generated donations or a team of people constantly posting to give the impression of high activity on the crowdfunding page.

Just Giving have been branded Just Taking in todays newspapers,  Wednesday, November, 8, 2017,  as a storm around the charity and the integrity of its owners was brought into the public arena with various news reports slamming the charity event for taking £20 million in profits from donation campaigns.

It seems companies like these go hand in hand with staged events and the fraud spirals out of control each and every time, it is not just this report either.


There was three children alleged to of escaped from the fire aged 10, 12 and 13, for the police to release statements claiming they can not confirm the amount of people in the house is highly suspicious as the 10, 12 and 13 year old children will of been well aware of who was in the house at the time of the fire  and able to count meaning they will of been able to give the police a definite answer in regards to a head count of people caught up in the supposed incident.

More quotes from news papers in the UK claim the owners of the house,valued at £275.000 when it was last sold in 2016, have been told not to comment on the situation by police as it is too emotional, but what could they say that would be harmful or hurtful to the people said to be involved in the fallout?

Other things I noticed was the Fire Brigades incident logs and newsroom had not posted anything about the incident. I called Mid and West Wales Fire And Rescue Services to see if I could gain access to the latest incident logs so I could track the status of the fire and how it was handled by fire crews on the scene.

I found it odd that the site did not have any sign of logging recent incidents in the way that I find available on the Merseyside Fire and Rescue website here in Liverpool which does offer me this information and it is something I have sourced many times when publishing articles about fires in the city or simply seeing what has been going on regarding fires and rescues in the Merseyside area.
As you can see below this is updated regularly.

When we click the details links on the left hand side of the page it opens up into a log of how the fire was dealt with, it is this log which provides me as a reporter, the ability to gather information from the short notes to then turn it into an article by writing a report, adding quotes and sticking to a five W's platform of Who, What, Where, When and why?

This is the basis of how a report is generated from a press release which brings me to the press releases (or lack of) on the Mid and West Wales Fire Brigade website who dealt with the matter.

When I called this fire department yesterday and asked if I could have the fire log details which are easily accessible here in Liverpool I was told there was no logs on display at the Mid and west Wales Fire and Rescue Service.

I also questioned why there was no press release about the incident at the derelict farm house and was told they do not put the stories up on the press release page which defeats the object of having a press release page on the website in the first place, I was then called by the Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service Press Officer who did not really tell me much but here is the call.

Take note during the call the fire officer tells me they had recently moved to a new premisis which is readied with a new immobilisation system for the fire services, new technology, hint hint, she told me all I needed to know.

So to completely blow this information out of the water here is a current screenshot of the websites press release page, you will see an article posted on the October, 27, 2017 then they skip the date in question regarding the farm house fire and post a news article in relation to warnings about tumble dryer fires on October, 31, 2017.

Why on earth would the press officer not post an article about the fire at Cwm Deri when every news outlet in the United Kingdom is posting versions of the story, you would expect the fire department who dealt with the incident to post an article on their own website about it but as we can see here they totally miss it out.

fter reading this article in full you will then see how clear it is that the press are indeed fabricating this story and covering it up with help from emergency services with falsified statements and articles which have been generated as the week has went on.
An explanation as to how the reported fire started has been made available to the public but again it is all lies and this article has proven that but I do have more stuff to show you which by now you must be feeling as angered by this whole staged event as I am, they are taking members of the public for idiots and it is only such propaganda is pointed out to a lot of people that they will notice it and this is why I do what I do to provide information to you, let me show you the reason all of the accused bodies are claiming started the fire killing any number between five and seven people.
In another piece of sloppy press association members work here is a Mail Online article blaming candles from pumpkins, lit in the house on the night before Halloween.
The simple answer to the outright stupidest question of the week, did Halloween lights start farmhouse inferno? Is No and I would go as far as to demand every news article printed or posted online be redacted from the public domain instantly as they are all exposed as being part of an unprecedented lie which has lead me to have to counter report this whole situation throughout this article, which, should really, have the power to change how people view the media and take its rightful placed in the history books without censorship or suppression during what is now an information war and I am taking the moral high ground over these mainstream news impostors.

Chief Superintendent Brown said: The building itself, which they think is around 200 years old, may also contain asbestos.Mr Brown also said the building was deemed to be unsafe by a structural engineer ..And the building is unstable?

Last week reports told us police were sifting through debris in their droves with fingertips ;like this idiot who was walking around on his own during the big search, effectively destroying evidence, tampering with it but lets be honest, bones do not burn in house fires, they need cremating this is still all lies and media pantomimes of course and verified specialists in each sector will confirm this.

This is not to mention the police who have left this house exposed to the elements of welsh wind and rain for days before erecting a temporary roof in order to take the building down brick by brick and you can not tell me all of this seems a bit much for a house fire it is unprecedented to say the least why do we not see houses being taken down brick by brick in every house fire? 

Did the people who bought this property not have a proper survey done prior to buying
How much did they pay for it?

Was there also lead?

Lead was commonly used for the underground pipes. Now we know that lead deposits in drinking water can damage health, so all lead pipes should have been replaced.

How about the roof was this not made of Slate? Did the Slate roof just melt in the Fire ? Was this House Building sold or rented out Defective?

Carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas that has no smell or taste. Breathing it in can make you unwell, and it can kill if you're exposed to high levels.

Did the 3 children not have Hospital treatment ? Was they not admitted to Hospital? We have been told they were but we have been told a lot of things I do not believe so lets keep an open mind for now.

Can we see just one st Ambulance in a picture please which is ready to take away any bodies from this highly intense and desperate search?
Was you paying attention to the names in the JustGiving page? 
If so you will of seen me take this screenshot... And it is here when the cookie absolutely crumbles all over the place. 
Meet David Price, he is the firefighting son-in-law of the said to be deceased, David ,after he married his alleged daughter named as Pia in various news articles including the Metro, David Price is alleged to of been battling to save the lives of his wife's family in the fairy-tale inferno as stated in the image below which was taken from the article.
When I was scrolling through the names of the people who had donated and commented on the JustGiving page I noticed David's name and instantly took the screenshot below, it is the name under him which I will now draw your attention to, to start off with this is pretty self explanatory.
We have just seen the name Pia mentioned in the Metro article, this is strange for a village with a population of under 500 to have two people in it called Pia and Nia, especially two people seemingly linked by the family so let's ask the question, If David Price is married to David Cuthbertson's daughter Pia, then who on earth is Nia?
Is it their daughter? It would be very odd to call your child a name so similar and strange to Pia, so this makes us look at who Nia is and the answer is explosive.

Nia Price is the client services director at Capita IT services who is the company who provided technology to the Mid and West Wales Fire and rescue service depots, I told you earlier the local fire brigade had moved recently into a newer depot which enabled a better response inline with new technologies being pushed by these agendas.
So who is Pia? Answer: Nobody, it is a fake name, you are looking at David's Wife Nia Price not Pia Price, David Price works for the Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Services who Nia's company provided technology too, do you see the links becoming bigger and bigger?

Where else have we seen Capita during this article? At the Blue Light Innovation Conference website.

If that was not insane enough let's look at the name of one of the other oldest kids named in the metro article Bre.
Truth be told Bre is not just the name of a person either, it is also the name of another company who have been advertised by the media and the bosses of BRE will of had a good old snigger at us all knowing they too are tied into all of this and here I will show you the involvement BRE had, and it takes us back to the fire depots in Wales. 
BRE Global’s fire investigation team is a world leading provider of specialist fire investigation services; investigating fire development, the performance of fire protection measures and systems, and the legal implications of performance in these areas. BRE Global’s clients include central Government, enforcing authorities, insurers, solicitors and other commercial organisations.
Aberystwyth Fire Station

● The strategic challenges for the team were not only to provide a new
BREEAM Excellent facility for MAWWF to deliver its service but it had
to be seen as a community hub in the local area

● The new facility boasts many pioneering qualities including exceeding
Welsh Government targets of 90% of waste diverted from landfill
● The outstanding results on this project were achieved through close
collaboration with all parties involved


GovNet - Click Link To Visit Website And Laugh At How Much You Have Been Lied To By News, Government And So Called Victims.

This is now officially the best piece of journalism you have seen in this country this week bar none.

Do you see the picture now?

Do you see the truth?


Whilst investigating this utter fiasco, I have come under a series of attacks online on my Facebook page from the minute I posted my concerns on the illegitimate JustGiving page, I have been threatened, gang stalked, people have tried to emotionally un-stabilise me as I carried out my research, I have had my Facebook account attacked and I can not post, like or comment on anything let alone message anyone.

I hav ebeen threatened with police and even a libel case at the Cardiff County Court, I did not let any of this distract me from my work, I have had people going on that I am no journalist to which I boldly reply, No I am an investigative journalist, this puts me in a class above a journalist
A Journalist is defined in my book as the lying scumbags who push these lies onto us to further the agenda to which we are prisoners without realising, we are the frog in boiling water, not noticing we are in danger until it is too late and it is these so called journalists and reporters who have taken the nations trust and shit all over it.

Below is the video I made in reply to some of the abuse but it was only the start of the abuse which is noted with Merseyside Police.

Here I call the courts in Cardiff, and the police to see where I stand.
I would like to thank every person who has helped support me and push me to stick to my gut feeling and expose this story for what it is, the biggest opportunity to reveal fraud I have ever seen played out on the masses and it is not just this event, as mentioned earlier it is them all, so please go and do your research, help us, join us because this is an information war and we refuse to be beaten, I need eyes on this post so please share it all around the world and thank god there is people trying to save the freedom of future generations, the children we are having, the lives they are playing with, this must be stopped.

We have the truth in plain sight, I need you to learn how to process it, learn how to spot it, but most importantly be enchanted and learn how to stand up to it all. I will teach you how to out think these bastards.


Why Donate To Enchanted LifePath?

Hello everybody. After having my work highly censored by Google & YouTube over the past two and a half years, losing channels containing all of my best research, having my Adsense accounts de-monetised and my followers being reduced meaning it is now harder for me to approach businesses to gain sponsors and partnerships. I have now decided to place donate buttons and links on enchanted LifePath layouts after speaking to other truth channels and my loyal viewers always offering but my stance always remained I was only ever open to commercial donations from companies. I am now having to rethink my platform as I grow it more each day. I have now launched Radio Enchanted LifePath in another bold move which I hope will help us all in this fight against censorship. I would like to help other channels embed the formula behind my website and all platforms into their own channels, if you need my help I am here. Please continue to enjoy Enchanted LifePath while I keep thinking of new ways to stay ahead of the attacks I come under frequently. I would also like to thank my viewers and followers for the support I have had from you all over the years. #BeEnchanted - #WeAreTheNews
To finish, here is some screenshots and information people have been sending me or I have taken along the way which have not made it into this page so far but they are also important in putting together the pieces of the puzzle.

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